Engineering Services

Etonnet Engineering provides Electrical & Mechanical engineering consulting services to technology companies large and small. Our services range from engineering help with part of your project through full Product Development Management. We can help bring your project into production, whether it is from an idea, a fully developed prototype, or anywhere in between.

Our processes include electronic circuit design, layout of printed circuit boards (PCB's), fabrication of PCB's, procurement of components, assembly of the PCB's, testing the final product, and final packaging. We also provide plastic injection molding tools design and more.


Etonnet is an electrical engineering firm that offers a wide range of electrical and mechanical engineering design and consulting services. Our electrical and mechanical design consultants are all experts in the industry and bring dedicated and professional expertise to our clients and our projects.

For over 20 years, Etonnet has been supplying engineering and manufacturing services with high quality, reliable, integrated assemblies that add value to products and simplify the design-to-production process.

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Etonnet Engineering specializes in all of the following services, providing engineering services to technology companies, large and small:

  • Product Development Services
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design Services and Layout
  • Firmware & Software
  • Prototypes & Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Certifications Services
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Packaging Design Services
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